Ali Lakhani & Associates

An Exceptional Lawyer in Dubai


Personal Information

Net Worth

He earned his fortune through his ten years long career as a lawyer. The annual net worth of Ali Lakhani remains unknown for the year.

Source of Income

His law company in Dubai city Ali Lakhani & Associates contributes more to his total income. Moreover, he has investments in mutual funds. Also, he earns money from his returns, shares and dividends. From these Ali Lakhani funds, he earns income from a monthly to yearly basis.

Birth Name

Muhammad Ali Lakhani is his birth name. Most of his business associates and clients know him by this name.

Date of Birth

10th May 1980 is the birth date of Ali Lakhani.

Physical Stature

The height of Ali Lakhani is 6’1 inch. He is a fit individual who weighs around 70 kg.

Marital Status

Sheena Lakhani is the marriage mate of Muhammad Ali Lakhani. The couples have two beautiful children from their marriage.

Ali Lakhani & Associates, a spectacular firm in Dubai

Right in recent years, Ali Lakhani is one of the most searched lawyers in Dubai. Ali Lakhani & Associates is a spectacular firm in Dubai owned by him. Ali Lakhani Dubai is an elite category lawyer who works with top cases.

Before a decade he was working in a law company in Dhaka Bangladesh. After a successful career, he returned to Dubai for more opportunities. Also, Ali Lakhani shipping is another splendid company which he is famous for in Dubai. After excellent experience in the area, he started you pursue his passion has a lawyer.

Ali Lakhani

Personal Life

The birth city of Ali Lakhani is Dhaka, Bangladesh. He spent his childhood in the same city and started to pursue his educational courses there. From his childhood days, he had the dream to become a lawyer. As the father of Ali Lakhani worked in a local bank as a clerk, he got the opportunity to be familiar with legal documents.

He was a bright student in a local school in Dhaka. Later, his father encouraged him to pursue a law course in the city of Dhaka. Both his father and mother gave constant support to fulfill his dreams. After pursuing a law degree in the National Law School, he was offered an internship at a well known legal company in the city. It is the point where he started his profession as a lawyer.

Besides his complex profession, Ali Lakhani is a huge soccer fanatic. His favorite soccer team is Real Madrid and he makes himself available to watch every match. The most-liked soccer player of Ali Lakhani is Christiano Ronaldo. Also, he is not only a fan of the player but he also closely follows his lifestyle in terms of diet and fitness.

Ali Lakhani makes it a priority to spend quality time for his family and friends whenever he is free from his professional life. Some of the most favorite things he likes to do are reading books and creating new friends on social platforms.







Professional Life

From his childhood, Ali lakhani has a strong aspiration to become an excellent lawyer. He set his educational goals carefully to attain his dream to join the National law school. Even after being successful in his career, he still learns more from the seniors and experts in the field. As a lawyer, he deals with complex law disputes such as business issues, property issues, criminal cases, fraud, car disputes and other legal disputes.

With strong determination and hard work Muhammad Ali Lakhani is excelling in his profession. Also, he is creating a unique name for him as a lawyer in the field.


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